Showcasing Traditional Art and the Prominent Role of Women in Pakistan at UNWG

The Embassy of Pakistan in Vienna hosted a Coffee Morning for the United Nations Women Guild at the Vienna International Centre (VIC) today. The event served as an opportunity to showcase Pakistani hospitality and culture, the attendees consisting of UNWG members engaged in a vibrant tile painting activity which were shipped exclusively to Vienna, Austria by Hala Kashigar, a Pakistani initiative showcasing traditional pottery from Hala, Sindh, Pakistan.

Mrs. Afshan Khokher, spouse of the Ambassador, welcomed the esteemed guests, shedding light on the beautiful landscapes of Pakistan and role of women in all major walks of life. Mr. Sindhyar Makhdoom from Hala Kashigar joined virtually to highlight the centuries old craft of traditional pottery and his efforts to reinvigorate this art form with innovation and sustainability.

The guests enjoyed Pakistani food and received a souvenir in the form of the hand-painted tiles. The UNWG members appreciated the effort of the Embassy in conducting a vibrant activity that underscored a true glimpse of Pakistani hospitality.


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