The hearing of rape case against Sri Lankan cricketer Danishka is delayed

The hearing of Sri Lankan cricketer Danishka Guna Thilaka’s case is likely to be delayed.

According to media reports, Sri Lankan cricketer Danishka Guna Thilaka is facing a case of four different types of sexual assault, the hearing of his case has been postponed till May 18, till then, Danishka Guna Thilaka is on bail.

A further two-week delay in the hearing will see the Sri Lankan cricketer seek legal costs from the New South Wales public prosecutor, while Danishka’s lawyer has opposed any further delay.

The lawyer has taken the stand that being a foreigner, Danishka Guna is facing severe difficulties.

An application for reimbursement of legal costs will be submitted at the next hearing.

It should be noted that this incident and the case of sexual assault took place during the T20 World Cup in Australia last year, after which the Sri Lankan cricketer was arrested in the case of rape, while these days he is on bail in Sydney.


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