Indian spices banned in Hong Kong and Singapore

Ban on sale of Indian spices in Hong Kong and Singapore

Hong Kong and Singapore have banned the sale of Indian spice brands MDH and Everest.

According to a foreign news agency, Indian spices are suspected of containing harmful ingredients that may pose a risk of cancer, so the ingredients included in Indian spices have been declared unsuitable.

According to reports, Hong Kong suspended the sale of two Indian companies MDH and Everest spices this month due to the presence of harmful chemicals in them, while Singapore also sent back the spices of Indian companies due to harmful chemical ingredients.

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After Hong Kong and Singapore banned Indian spices, the Food Safety Authority of India has said that they are investigating the matter.

According to Indian social media platform and survey company Local Circle, 62 percent of consumers who used these two brands of spices for a long time expressed serious concern about the presence of cancer-causing ingredients in the spices.

After the ban in Hong Kong, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also announced to investigate reports of adulteration in Indian spices.


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