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Amazing Breakthroughs by Scientists, Able to Generate as much Energy as the Stars on Earth

Amazing Breakthroughs by Scientists, Able to Generate as much Energy as the Stars on Earth

After decades of research and experimentation, a team of scientists in America has finally achieved a breakthrough, making the impossible task of generating as much energy as stars possible on Earth. Scientists successfully experimented with generating energy through nuclear fusion reaction using heat.

Experts said that on one night in December, after a series of failed experiments, a successful experiment was finally conducted during which energy was generated by nuclear fusion.

According to experts, this fusion ignition took place for 20 billionths of a second, which was 100 billion times less than the Wright brothers’ 12-second first flight. They need to be tested, measured and benchmarked.

The team researching nuclear fusion at the 7,000-acre Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the US state of California said that the success of the experiment has opened the door to easy access to clean, unlimited and affordable energy. , it may be a bit difficult to complete this task but it is not impossible now.

The head of the team of experts said that when the world’s most powerful 192 lasers in the laboratory for experiments break hydrogen atoms and produce helium and energy, then that laboratory will become the hottest place in our solar system. goes

Experts said that since the establishment of the laboratory in 1997, so far we have failed five times in experiments and the sixth time we had a great success and we were able to generate energy of 2 megajoules from nuclear fusion.

According to experts, after 2 megajoules of energy went into the target chamber, it became 3.15 megajoules and the output remained at 50%, which was a reasonable achievement and enough to make history that scientists could call it a real success.

According to the US Department of Energy’s Office of Science, nuclear fusion reactions fuel the Sun and other stars. In a fusion reaction, two light nuclei combine to form a heavier nucleus. Energy is released from this process because the mass of one nucleus is less than that of the two original nuclei, so the remaining mass is converted into energy.


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