Turkish Opposition Leader’s Accusation of Russian Interference in the Election

Turkish Opposition Leader's Accusation of Russian Interference in the Election

Turkey’s opposition leader and presidential candidate accused Russia of meddling in the election.

According to media reports, Turkey’s main opposition leader and the opponent of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan in the parliamentary and presidential election, Kemal Kilic, has accused Russia of interference a day before the election.

Kamal Kalich said that foreign hackers have been hired by his opponents to create fake videos and some audios aimed at discrediting the opposition before the elections.

“Dear Russian friends, you guys are behind conspiracies, sensationalism and extremely fake content that has revealed the reality of your country,” Kamal Kulić added. Give a hand.

On the other hand, Moscow has denied the allegations of Kamal Kalich and called it a part of the election campaign.

The Kremlin spokesman said that they strongly reject the accusations of the Turkish opposition leader and have officially stated that there is no such thing as interference in the Turkish election. It is a complete lie.

The spokesman said that Turkey is a very responsible state and Moscow attaches great importance to its relations with Turkey.


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