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Indonesia: A Woman Who Takes Leave From Office Due to illness Meets Boss During A Trip

A woman who took leave from the office on the pretext of illness met the boss during the journey. It is not a new thing for employees to come up with new excuses to take leave, but recently a woman took time off from work on the pretext of illness which became a shame for her. Told the incident that happened with.

The woman said that I took a leave from the office on the pretext of illness and I met my manager during the flight. In the video, he also shared a screenshot of the conversation between himself and the manager, and included a selfie the manager took with Grace sitting a few seats back.

According to media reports, Grace is a freelancer who travels between her home town of Bali, Indonesia and Europe during her work, so for one such trip when she was supposed to return home to Bali, she made an excuse in the office that she had to Have to go to the doctor so need a day off.

While talking to the media, Grace said that I was waiting in the queue at the airport when I saw a familiar face coming towards me.

He said that unfortunately his boss was also often visiting Bali, so when he came to Grace at the airport, he made fun of her and said, “Well, this is a hospital?” Laughed and chatted until boarding the plane.

Later, during the flight, his boss took a selfie with Grace sitting far away and sent it to him.


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