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Good News: Liberland Pioneers a Seasteading Project in International Waters

Good News: Liberland Pioneers a Seasteading Project in International Waters

Liberland is making waves by launching the world’s first seastead in international waters, effectively operating outside the jurisdiction of any country. This pioneering move allows the seastead to take advantage of the freedom of the seas, fostering a community that thrives on autonomy and self-governance.

A groundbreaking partnership aimed to create a unique, self-governing community on the open seas, free from traditional territorial constraints.

Liberland’s exclusive seasteading partner to bring this ambitious vision to life is Aisland, a like-minded community of seasteaders. The initial barge, which serves as the foundation for this innovative seasteading project, has been successfully deployed by Aisland and has operated autonomously for several months. 

Both parties have signed a Memorandum of Understanding and an Economic Cooperation Agreement to outline the collaborative framework for the seastead project. 

To learn more about this historic partnership and the initiative, interested parties can access a presentation by Liberland’s President and Mr. Landi, Aisland’s founder, via a provided link.

Aisland, established by Samuele Landi, is a community of seasteaders situated in international waters on the barge Aisland 1. With a mission to help others embrace the principles of freedom, autonomy, and self-governance, Aisland seeks to redefine the way people live and interact with one another in this unprecedented marine-based community.

The collaboration between Liberland and Aisland marks an important milestone in the seasteading movement, as it demonstrates the potential for creating self-sufficient, innovative communities that operate beyond traditional territorial boundaries. This innovative project is poised to attract global attention, as the world watches how a bold vision for a free and autonomous society unfolds on the open seas.


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