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Scientists Have Discovered An Easy Way to Slow Down the Journey Towards Old Age

Scientists have discovered a nutrient that could potentially help slow the aging process and stay healthy.

Scientists have discovered that a micronutrient called taurine can help keep the body young despite aging while also increasing life span.

These results were found in experiments with this nutrient on rats and monkeys, and now experts want to test it on humans.

It is not yet clear whether the same effects will occur in humans, but scientists believe that taking the evidence into account, large-scale clinical trials can be initiated.

This nutrient is present in the body but its levels decrease with age.

Experts from Columbia University in the United States tested it on animals and the results of the research showed that removing the deficiency of this nutrient improved the health of the animals and increased their lifespan.

The researchers said that the effects will be evaluated by using its supplements on humans.

Blood samples showed that levels of this component decline dramatically with age in mice, monkeys and humans, the researchers said.

He added that at the age of 60, the amount of taurine in a person’s body usually decreases by one-third.

In keeping with this finding, they administered taurine to middle-aged mice.

They discovered that when given taurine supplements, the mice became healthier and looked younger than before.

In fact, their bones and muscles became stronger, while their memory improved and their immune systems looked more youthful.

A clinical trial of this nutrient was conducted on middle-aged monkeys followed by rats.

The results showed that daily consumption of it stopped the monkeys from gaining body weight, lowered blood sugar levels and improved bones and immune system.

Previous research has found that high levels of taurine in the body reduce the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure while reducing inflammation.

Strenuous exercise is thought to be useful for increasing taurine levels in the body, and meat and energy drinks also contain taurine, but there is no research on the effects of taking it in the form of dietary supplements.

That is why researchers are preparing to test it on humans.


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