World’s Largest Ruby Sold at Record Price

The world’s largest ruby has been auctioned for a record price. During an auction in New York, a ruby named Estrela de Fura was auctioned for 3.48 million dollars. The 55.22 carat ruby was extracted from a mine in the African country of Mozambique.

It was 101 carats in raw form and 55.22 carats after cutting. The blood-like color of the stone was revealed after it was cut and polished. According to the organization that auctioned it, this ruby has been described by experts as an unparalleled treasure of nature.

A 25.59-carat ruby previously sold for $3.3 million in 2015, and the record has now been broken by the Estrela de Fura. Along with the ruby, a pink diamond was also sold at a record price of 3.48 million dollars.

This 10.57 carat diamond was mined in the African country of Botswana and was rare due to its transparent color and flawlessness.


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