Why did famous actress from the Harry Potter series, stay away from acting?

Actress Emma Watson, who gained fame from the Harry Potter film series, revealed the reason for her distance from acting after many years.

The British actress’ last film ‘Little Women’ was released in 2019, since which she has been away from the big screen.

Emma Watson, who worked in the Harry Potter series as well as several films, said that ‘I was not happy as an actress, the fact is that I thought of myself as a prisoner in the jungle’.

The 33-year-old actress said during an interview, “What I find most difficult is trying to sell something that I have no control over.”

At the age of 11, Emma Watson’s career began with the first film of Harry Potter.

She said that ‘I started getting confused that I have no voice, I can’t say anything according to my thoughts’.

Emma Watson said ‘It was my decision and I should have done things better’.

After taking a break from acting, she works as a director and writer and produces commercials for fashion brands.

“I thought I would only be able to do technical work instead of having a creative mind and I thought I wouldn’t be able to use my potential,” she said.

According to the actress, her brother asked her for a photo shoot, which developed her passion for direction.

She admitted that although she has taken a break from acting, she will make a comeback on the big screen in the near future.


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