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Pakistan: Schedule of Champions Trophy Hosted by Pakistan Revealed

The probable schedule of the ICC Champions Trophy 2025 hosted by Pakistan has been revealed. Last week, the Pakistan Cricket Board shared the schedule of possible dates for the Champions Trophy with the ICC, according to which the event will be held from February 19 to March 9 at venues in Pakistan (Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi).

According to media reports, the Indian team will play all its matches in the Champions Trophy in Lahore, while Pakistan and India will face off in the event on March 1.

According to the probable schedule revealed before the official announcement by the ICC, the teams of Pakistan, India, New Zealand and Bangladesh are included in Group A, while the teams of Australia, England, South Africa and Afghanistan are in Group B. has been added.

Sources say that the inaugural match of the Champions Trophy will be played between Pakistan and New Zealand in Karachi on February 19, and the teams of India and Bangladesh will face each other in Lahore on February 20.

On February 21, Afghanistan will play South Africa in Karachi, and on February 22, Australia and England will compete in Lahore.

The match between India and New Zealand will be held in Lahore on February 23, while the teams of Pakistan and Bangladesh will face each other in Rawalpindi on February 24.

On February 25, Lahore will host the match between Afghanistan and England, while on February 26, Australia and South Africa will play in Rawalpindi.

According to the sources, there will be a match between Bangladesh and New Zealand in Lahore on February 27, Afghanistan and Australia will compete in Rawalpindi on February 28.

On March 1, the match between Pakistan and India teams will be held in Lahore, while on March 2, South Africa and England will meet in Rawalpindi.

The first semi-final will be held in Karachi on March 5, while the second semi-final will be held in Rawalpindi on March 6. The number will be between two.

According to the possible schedule that has been revealed so far, the Champions Trophy final will be played in Lahore on March 9.


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