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Liberland: Grand Opening of Washington D.C. Representative Office

Liberland: Grand Opening of Washington D.C. Representative Office

(Office of the President): Liberland Strengthens International Ties with the Inauguration of Washington D.C. Office. Liberland is proud to announce the grand opening of its representative office in Washington D.C., marking a crucial step in the nation’s ongoing growth and the advancement of its international relations. The festive event will be held on May 23, 2023, from 5:30 pm to 11:30 pm at the esteemed Pierce School Lofts in Washington D.C.

The Liberland Representative Office is poised to serve as a vital conduit between Liberland and the United States, enhancing diplomatic and economic bonds. The opening ceremony will witness the attendance of Liberland government officials, including President Vit Jedlička, Vice-President Bogie Wozniak, Minister of Foreign Affairs Tom Walls, and Minister of Finance Navid Saberin. 

In addition, US Representative for Liberland David Molineaux, Washington D.C. Representative Pranav Badhwar, and Liberland Aid Foundation President Steve Wood will be present.

The evening’s agenda includes a ribbon-cutting ceremony, a reception complete with live music and hors d’oeuvres, and opportunities for attendees to immerse themselves in Liberland’s rich history, culture, and values. Jenna Kade will adeptly guide the attendees through the proceedings as the master of ceremonies.

In the words of Liberland’s Vice-President, Boguslaw Wozniak, “We are thrilled to establish our presence in the epicenter of the United States capital, laying the groundwork for productive collaboration and the exchange of ideas. This new representative office will enable us to further refine our diplomatic efforts and more effectively engage with our international partners.”

This milestone event underscores Liberland’s dedication to solidifying its ties with the United States and fostering relationships with other countries across the globe. 


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