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The Austrian Journalist Club (ÖJC) Organized “New Media Journalism Awards” 2023

The Austrian Journalist Club (ÖJC) Organized "New Media Journalism Awards" 2023

The presentation of the “New Media Journalism Awards” took place on June 13, 2023 as part of the ÖJC gala night in the impressive Neugebäude Palace in front of around 280 guests. Embedded in a rich show and music program, moderator John Herzog (ÖJC board member and NMJA organizer) led through the evening after the opening by ÖJC President Ing. Norbert Welzl. After the presentation of the new ÖJC website, which went online that day, whistler Sirus, accompanied by Karl Macourek on the piano, delighted with the whistled version of “Der Hölle Rache” from Mozart’s “Magic Flute”.

Actress Christine Reinhardt read amusing readings for the Kaiserschmarrn from the imperial cookbook “So kocht Habsburg” by Herta Margarete Habsburg-Lothringen, who were also guests of honor in the audience with her husband Sandor Habsburg-Lothringen.

Critical then the comments of actor Erwin Leder (known from “Das Boot”) on the starvation of culture and filmmakers in Austria. “Only 0.5% of GDP (gross domestic product) is available for art,” says Leder. “It’s a disgrace for a country that calls itself a cultural nation.”

The vocal performances by Claudia Puhr (soparn) and Thomas Markus (tenor), who performed both solo and as a duet, sparked enthusiasm and covered the musical arc from Puccini’s “Toska” to Verdi’s “La Traviata” and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Phantom of the Opera”. strained. Accompanied on the piano by Athina Giliopoulou and Karl Macourek.

After Christoph Schobesberger’s song of praise “Du bist my Heimat” performed on the piano and the presentation of the jury of 36 people, who come from the art, culture and media landscape, the presentation of the NEW MEDIA JOURNALISM AWARDS for special journalistic contributions in the field began online journalism. 18 submissions from the fields of Internet, video, social networks for communication, websites, daily updated blogs, communities, multimedia, running an open communication forum, podcasts and all their impact on society were viewed by an independent jury chaired by John Herzog and rated.

The glass trophy – a special feather created by glass artist Hilde Kuchler ( was presented to the winner, the team from the online magazine “”. The team around Jelena Panitic-Panic was honored for their work on social justice, distribution and climate with TikToks, documentaries, video columns, reels and everything that is necessary to communicate and publish successfully in a digital world.

The official program ended with the enthusiastic performance by singer/songwriter André Leherb (nephew of the famous artist Maitre Leherb) and Falco’s “Ganz Wien” and led to the ÖJC summer party. Food and drink provided, including sparkling wine from A-Nobis in the Grotten-Bar and sustainable bread rolls from the bread pilot: Inside (as recycling, an important signal for the careful handling of our food).

This gala night of the NEW MEDIA JOURNALISM AWARDS ended around midnight with lively discussions between journalists, guests, artists and the ÖJC board. It should also be mentioned that all artists of this evening put themselves in the service of the cause free of charge. This was the only way to realize this gala on this scale for the ÖJC members and the friends of the club.The Austrian Journalist Club (ÖJC) Organized “New Media Journalism Awards” 2023


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