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France: Second Round of Elections Complete, Left-Wing Party Leading

In France, the second phase of the elections for 577 seats of the National Assembly has been completed, the counting of votes is going on.

According to foreign media reports, the turnout in the second phase of the National Assembly elections in France was 60 percent. Voting started at 8 am local time, which lasted until 6 pm in rural areas and small towns, and 8 pm in big cities.

According to the exit polls, the left alliance is likely to win the most seats, no alliance is likely to get a simple majority, the National Rally is in the lead, the National Rally can get between 230 and 280 seats.

Disappointing news is coming out regarding the far-right National Rally, the NPF alliance may win 190 seats, President Macron’s alliance may win 170 seats, 76 members in the first phase of the 577-seat elections. have been elected.

It should be noted that according to the exit poll results of the first phase of the French elections held on June 30, the far-right party National Rally is first with 34 percent of the votes, the left-wing party Popular Front is second with 28.1 percent of the votes and President Macron’s party is 20.3 percent. It was ranked third with percentage of votes.


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