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The Influence of Law to Native’s Life: Hira Murtaza

The Influence Of Law To Native’s Life

The term Social Issues grab our attention towards basic ideas like corruption, Sexual abuse, poverty etc. But it’s more important to understand the psyche of a society, to better understand Why does a person become the cause of social problems. How the Evil minds are nurtured? or What are the reasons that an innocent child grows up to a robber, a rapist or a person with zero humanity and harms the vulnerable people around him?

This question is not simply a question of the answer but an important issue harming notable lives at alarming rate. Although Pakistan has several social issues that affect its citizens negatively, its people have shown great courage in overcoming these challenges throughout history. This courage continues today as Pakistani citizens fight against homophobia, abuse, neglect, and other social ills affecting their countrymen.

“The Great Hope Of A Society Is In Individual Character.”

_William Ellery Channing

 A huge combination of people from various areas, backgrounds and classes forms a society. These individuals all together shapes and decides the fate of a society. Following up the statement “No one is perfect”, since, a society comprises a considerable number of imperfect individuals, social issues grow parallel to the population. Who know What is in solitary mind!

The idea of imperfection is a supporting detail to the concept that to some extent it’s state’s responsibility to trace it’s citizens and hold accountability for their actions. It is human nature to lose track, but things get out of hands when there is no check and balance or law to keep things balanced. After all no one is born evil. It’s his surroundings that provoke him to do so.

Within no time we label a person as liar, thief but here the question rises Is the person is offered unbiased or impartial opportunities? We all know that Pakistan is a capitalist State with unfair and preferential judiciary.

“Laws Grind The Poor, And Rich Men Rule The Law.”

_Oliver Goldsmith

Favorable hypothesis could be that, huge amount of individuals facing extreme poverty are found guilty of robbery and stealing and the conceivable reason might be  Unemployment, Illiteracy and Inflation.

From humanitarian lens, We can’t criticize a thief for stealing unless or until we provide him with enough opportunities to earn halal provision.

“Corruption Is Paid By Poor.”

_Pope Francis

Similarly, tons of case of sexual harassment, rape and violence are dominant among bourgeois and the clear reason is Nepotism, Black Market, incompetent authorities or corrupt judiciary No Law For Rich.

And the whole river of social issues flows into the ocean of Corruption. Every single individual is found guilty of corruption to whatever level they are. And that corruption is running away from responsibilities. Insincerity towards obligations. Parents not interested parenting their child rightly; no check on their activities, no scolding, education institutes running business, authorities are more egoist and above all over so called politician whom we expect to be leader are extremely greedy. Hence, in a society where every other person has no relation with morality, has no idea of life, it’s importance and How vital it is to be ethical, What else we can expect other than atrocity and sinfulness.

Now sum up the whole idea, take a break from this chaos and think for a while, What is your role in the betterment of this society? Just scrolling down, Sharing status and sending hate? Or contributing for the improvement and advancement of this society.

Educate your child to be honest, this doesn’t require a stack of high class degrees. Teach them, Guide them and Lead them through pious path. Be a role model for your child and people around you.

 “ Education Breeds Confidence. Confidence Breeds Hope. Hope Breeds Peace.”



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