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Egypt: Russian Man Gets Swallowed by Shark in front of Girlfriend

Egypt: Russian Man Gets Swallowed by Shark in front of Girlfriend

A terrible accident happened in the sea of Egypt where a Russian citizen was swallowed by a shark in front of his girlfriend. According to foreign media, the 23-year-old Russian citizen who died in the shark attack has been identified as V Popo.

According to the media report, the 23-year-old Russian citizen came to the beach to celebrate a vacation with his father and girlfriend, but while swimming, he was attacked by a shark.

People on the beach recorded the horrific scene, but rescue crews were unable to save the man’s life despite their efforts.

In the video recorded at the time of the attack, it can be seen that the Russian citizen is busy swimming, during which V Popo tries to move forward after sensing the presence of a predator when the shark comes very close, but soon the shark attacks him. .

In the recorded video, the Russian man can be heard shouting ‘Dead-Dead’ for help, but these sounds also stop when the sea water turns red.

According to the report, Popo’s girlfriend was also in the sea at the time of the accident, but she managed to get out of the sea and save her life.


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