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Qayyum Raja

Quayyum Raja's full official name is Abdul Quayyum Raja, but the British press shortened his name when he was arrested in connection with an Indian diplomat kidnapped by his fellow KASHMIRIS in Birmingham in 1984 to save the life of a Kashmiri Hero Muhammad Maqbool Butt hanged by India and buried inside Tihar jail on 11 February 1984. Quayyum Raja is from Azad Jammu Kashmir administered by Pakistan. He acquired various qualifications from EU and UK, including a Master in Psychology & Social Sciences, Journalism and Modern World History. He supports both Pan Islam and Pluralism, which may sound a contradiction, but he claims he can draw a balance. Quayyum Raja spent about 22 years in British jail extra-juducially as a Kashmiri political prisoner. He was released by the European Court of Human Rights on 17 May 2005. He has travelled extensively both before his captivity and after his release.